Make the impossible possible!
When I could do it, you can too!

Who doesn't know that feeling: "To be free, like a child!"

No negative thoughts, no worries, no fear, and everything seems so easy!

And when a cloud blocks the sun a little, a child knows that shadow is about to pass, and the sun will shine again.

A child dreams of being a prince, a princess, or whatever it wants to be; there are no limits to children's thoughts and dreams;

they can achieve anything!

Unfortunately, we forget this carefree way the older we get. We stop dreaming.

What would have to happen for you to feel that child again?

So that you wake up happy again and look forward to the day?

Do you think this is impossible?

I do not think so; otherwise, you would not have landed on my page! 

My name is Diana Hetfleisch, single mother of 5 and Certified Life and Success Coach.

As an adoptive child with a very negative upbringing, self-sabotaging beliefs were my daily companions.

Even as a child, I was annoyed by the permanent negative mood at home and tried to

save me in my dreams; I was too young and too small to defend myself effectively against negative influences.

I was 23 years old when my father died suddenly and unexpectedly.

He was young, athletic, and always healthy, but he was gone from one minute to the next.

I fell into a hole with no chance of holding on.

I had the worst six months of my life ahead of me.

This time was announced by a first panic attack on the way back from his funeral.

Me, alone on the train, for more than 10 hours and suddenly this feeling: fear, can't breathe.... fortunately only briefly.

So I put it down to the stress of the past few days.

But it got worse when I came home—day after day, week after week, and month after month. As a mother of 2 children, I couldn't leave the apartment for six months, and if I did, then only with such big fear that I wouldn't survive.

Hardly a step outside the door, and every day the fear that I could die today! I didn't just think it; I felt it!

I lost my faith in life! Not a positive thought! Completely gone!

The shock was too big! I hit rock bottom. I got to the point where I started every day with the fear of the next day.

I got to the point where I couldn't anymore. I knew something had to change; it could not go on like that.

So I slowly but steadily changed my expectation and my thoughts. Get me out of this.

Not from one day to the next, but it got better until I was me again!

More robust than I was before!

How do I manage to escape this spiral of fear, anger, and sadness; to find myself again?

I pushed myself, mentally controlled: "Don't get stuck in the negative spiral, but keep going!" That was my key to change: "Go! No matter how slowly at first, then faster and faster! Away from what I don't want to be, away from what I don't like."

I put a lot of work into that; to find out exactly that for you.

To ask me, "Which way did I go? How can I help other people to shorten their suffering and get out of the negative spiral faster and more effe

I also let my children have their dreams and raised them accordingly.

So many people stop their dreams and their children's.

I once told my mother that my daughter wanted to be chancellor.

Her answer was nonsense; she'll never make it. So she should instead do something realistic.

What if Angela Merkel's mother had told her daughter that repeatedly?

Just because I don't think something is possible doesn't mean it's not achievable!

Who doesn't know the phrase: I have everything I need, I'm satisfied.

But is that what we want to be? Anyhow satisfied? Don't we want to be happy?

I lived in this same state myself for years.

Not happy, but it could get worse. You should be content with what you have.

No! There is more - really!

So, I turned my life upside down, found my purpose in life, and since then, I've been waking up in the morning looking forward to the new day!

And I always thought that was impossible.

Just believing in yourself again and that you can achieve anything has to be a bit of reality involved, but with so many things, we stop thinking about it.

As Elon Musk once said: "Everyone has a thought that would make them very successful, but they stop that thought and  your chance to live your dream!"

Years later, I learned about the "law of attraction."

It was like having part of my process explained to me without knowing anything! I understood how it worked!

During my training as a coach, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my path.

How did I manage to pass the positive attitude on to my children?

How could I free myself from the most bottomless hole?

I have developed a strategy. My strategy - and it works!

That doesn't mean those nasty things won't happen anymore, but I have learned to see events differently! As a result, I come out of evil events faster and don't get caught in the downward spiral!

I've learned to build myself up and not downplay, to believe in my dreams!

I have often noticed that clients have dealt with it during my coaching sessions but have not understood it! It's not just about positive thinking; it's about life, your life!

My clients not only see the difference, they feel it!

They will soon be able to look at their lives calmly again because wounds from the past have healed.

It has been proven that people who think positively lower their stress levels, which contributes significantly to physical and mental health, and those positive thoughts are just so much more fun!

Believe me! If you follow this mental learning process, you build yourself up and generate so much joy!

You radiate this joy and automatically pass it on to those around you.

It works! Being happier through positive thinking; by pushing your limits!

This automatically changes your actions and your personal view of things! So many coaches explain the law of attraction - I live it!!!

Anyone who says that's nonsense should think about a bumblebee!

It's physically impossible for her to fly, but she flies!

You, too, can wake up in the morning, look forward to the next great day, and be full of happiness.

What did you want to be as a kid? Are you living your dream? Are you free and happy from the bottom of your heart?

If so, congratulations! If not, change something!

If I can show you how to live freely, happily, with a sense of deep meaning and peace, then get in touch!

Diana is a good coach who has been helping me to find answers to my issues by asking me questions. She listens to what I have to say and makes sure that I feel I’m in a safe place where I have time to think about what's going on in my life.  She helps me find my way back when I get lost in my thoughts and guides me through this. I'm thankful for her support and honesty. She helped me to grow and reminded me how far I have come. She is part of my journey, and hopefully, she will stay by my side. Words can't describe how thankful I am. I would recommend taking a lesson with her and seeing if you fit. In my case, it was a match!

Thanks for everything

For the last five months, I have had the honor of working with Diana as my coach. Over the course of these five months, Diana helped me to gain more confidence, be more compassionate with myself, and to get closer to loving myself. She always had an open ear, asked great and sometimes challenging questions, invited me to dig deeper and, when necessary, gave me the push I needed to move past the limitations I created and the challenges I faced. Diana is a very kind, compassionate, and empathetic person I felt safe and comfortable at all times. I can recommend working with Diana to anyone who is ready to dig deeper, improve their relationship with themselves, and who looking forward to elevating their life to the next level. - 

Rebecca, Germany

Diana Hetfleisch Coaching


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